Stephen R. Covey gives e-book rights to Amazon

In a dramatic turn of events Stephen R. Covey author of the famous personal improvement book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” has given the rights of e-books to Amazon (through Rosetta Stone). The publishing rights are still will S&S.  This book itself sold 136K book this year so far (Nielsen BookScan).

The new arrangement between Amazon, Rosetta stone and the author would help the authors to make money. Rossettastone apparently will pay the author 50% of what it earns from Amazon.

This is definitely going to make the already bitter war between author and publishers get even worse.Authors feel that they should get a bigger share of profit from the sale of e-books since the cost of publishing and distributing e-books is way less than the p-books.

Full story NY Times


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