Kindle Vs Kobo – who will be the winner?

1. Wider Selection i.e. 360K books(Kindle) compared to the 200K Kobo has.

2. The Kobo books website is rather plain and doesn’t have much search ability

3. Kindle Vs Kobo has to factor in that the Amazon Kindle has already captured a lot of the best customers.

4. Kobo has the international advantage

  • They claim to offer books in 180 languages.

5. Kobo has three big partners – might lead to instability

  1. 58% is owned by Indigo.
  2. 20% is owned by Borders UK.
  3. The Rest is presumably split between REDgroup and Li Ka-Shing.

6. Kobo really is device agnostic




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2 responses to “Kindle Vs Kobo – who will be the winner?

  1. Interesting analysis. One thing that has always struck me as attractive about the Kobo is how they give you 100 free books pre-installed. There are plenty free kindle ebooks available on Amazon, but something about having them installed on the device already when you get it seems very appealing to me.

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