Are Publishers listening to their readers?

Digitization of books has caused a schism in the reading world. There are now two constituencies: readers (and writers) on the one hand, and the publishers on the other. And it seems they are not ready to listen to each other.

Readers want more content but at a cheaper price, publishers want to maximize their profit margins whereas authors want large share of revenue. Consumers have made Amazon’s Kindle  a hit and it clearly shows that they want to read books that are cheaper in price as well as easy to obtain/store. But Publishers on the other hand are not ready accept this idea. “Macmillan recently announced a plan to delay the publication of e-books and offer enhancements that will justify a higher price. This tactic is aimed at Amazon’s policy of trying to set $9.99 as the expected price for an e-book” – Washington Post. Moreover most of Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle bestsellers are priced even below $9.99 because that’s the price most of the company’s consumers have desired for. But Publishers  can’t hear this as they are too busy trying to secure their profit margins!

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