Will ebook industry also go the same direction as Netflix is moving?

Just when Netflix was getting more and more innvotive with their offerings of Blue Ray, Instant streaming they entered into an agreement with Warner Bros. to hold off on the release of new Warner Brothers DVD and Blu-ray movies until after they’ve been on sale for 28 days. Similar agreements with other major studios are likely to follow. That just means saying goodbye to new release rentals on Netflix. But why so just when they had started getting more innovative with movie watching convenience. Simple answer to this is the growing concerns within the big hollywood studios over declining revenue from sale of DVDs and Blu-Rays (one of the revenue streams studios depend more on nowdays than box office).

But isn’t it the same story with the e-book vs pbook industry. The clash af the ebook and the publishers/authors over declining revenue/profit margins? Will ebook industry also land up with similar deals? May be or May be not…

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