Will Amazon Give Free Kindle to Amazon Prime Members

The book market is buzzed with news that Amazon might hand out free KIndle to all the Amazon Prime members.

I believe it will be a very interesting move by Amazon to capture market even before iPad comes as an option for the consumers. (Their should be substantial overlap between the potential iPad customers and Amazon prime member.)

I believe with this move Amazon is trying to capture the ebook market by locking in the customer eventhough it will mean that their chances of become profitable from e-book sales will become even longer. (Amazon though has been a master of that art: Taking initial hit to gain long term market share and hence revenue/profit)

I am waiting eagerly for the final announcement to come and then opting for a Amazon prime Membership. May be i will buy more from Amazon once i have that membership and Amazon will make more money from customers like me (hence compensating for the cost of free Kindle)


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