More Restriction leads to higher Piracy!!

One thing that publishers have to start understand is that the tighter control they try to put on the ebook industry by

1. Controlling the release of the books as ebooks

2. Controllling the price of ebooks

3. Controlling the ebooks access through DRM

would give users enough motive for pirating these contents. Several experiments in the music and Movie has clearly shown that together control on the distribution of these media content lead to an increased activity on P2P sites. Read this paper on SSRN

Publishers should work with Authors and Retailers to come up with a economical model that would duly compensate everyone without restricting the end users much.

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Video Instructions on How to convert pdf file to iBooks format for free!


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We are back!

Apologies for our absence!! We have been busy with the development of our website all this while. We are very close to launching and will keep you all updated on this as we bring all latest and hottest news/updates from the ebooks/digital world.

Big Things that happend during our absence

1. Google Launches Google ebookstore

2. Apple iPad has emerged as a competition to Amazon’s Kindle as the ebook reading device

3.  Randon House decide to go Agency and included all its 17K titles in Apple iBookStore

4. European Agencies raid publishers office in France (related to Agency model probably)

5. Self-Publishing model is gaining relevance. Amazon makes a big move .  Self-publishing Amazon author sells 100,000+ e-books per month

Detailed analysis of these observations to follow

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Check Out Mygazines Mobile iPad E-Reader

Digital publishing company Mygazines launched its iPad Edition, a browser-based mobile reading system for Apple’s tablet device. It is not an iPad App but a universal e-reading technology that works on any touch screen device (this list also includes the iphone, ipod touch and the Android Phone).

Here is a list of the magazines that users can read through Mygazines

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User Sentiment Analysis About The iPad

Some interesting user sentiment analysis about the iPad.

According to a study by Attensity some of the top liked features are: the applications, the device’s ability to replace the iPhone and the keyboard experience. They have also indicated that more and more people are talking about the Kindle-killer and the email interface today.

Amongst the (more than 3000) applications it seems users went absolutely wild over the Netflix App and the iBook App. But one of the Apps that has been downloaded quite a bit but has not received favorable responses is the iWork. Some of the users were not even aware that the iWork did not come with the iPad free of charge and people who knew it came with a price were expecting a far lower price point for them. Take a look at teh stats around the top Applications

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The iPad App Store Now Has 3000 Apps But Only 20% Are Free

Nearly 80% of the more than 3000 apps in the iPad app store is paid. Only 599(20%) of the apps are free. In terms of the breakdown between the type of apps:

Games still is the clear winner : 942(804 of these 942 are paid apps and 138 being free)

Books apps : 154(mostly paid, which is not surprising at all)

Mobclix says the average price of apps is $4.99; and it will cost $12,572.78 to buy all the apps that the store offers.

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Reviews: Syncing And Sharing Features For iPad

Some feedback on the syncing and sharing features of the iPad that users might be interested in:

1) No PDF support: iPad supports the ePub format but not any other formats. So users will have to convert all other formats and one easy way to do so is using Calibre (helps convert almost all formats)

2) iWork – MS Office and email: One of the cool features is that if you email yourself a Word doc, you can open it in pages.

3) The Kindle reader works great on the iPad: For users who have used the Kindle store in the past the iPad app for Kindle works great.

4) Desktop Document: In order to use iWork documents on iPad users will have to either import the documents in iTunes or email the documents to themselves.

5) iPad cannot support video beyond 720p

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