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Market share of book retailers in US

The rumored market share for books retail is

Amazon 8% of the market,

BN.com 2%,

Barnes & Noble and Dalton combo – some portion of 25%,

Borders/Walden -remaining portion of 25%,

Independents 5%,

Libraries 10%, etc.



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Nook is amazing: You can actually loan your books

One of the greatest feature in Nook seems to be a beta feature LendMe which allows users to lend the book for 14 days. The other limitation: You can lend a particular book to a particular user just once. (These seems like the restriction put by the publishers). Only 50% of the book on Nook seem to be lendable

Full review ZDNet

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Borders jumps onto digital book bandwagon

Better Late than never: Border decided to jump into the e-book industry in an inorganic way. Border is investing and partnering with kobobooks.com to handle its e-book business. Kobo will integrate with Border soon sometime in Q1. Kobo seems to have access to 1.8 million free e-books through internet archive and other books primarily priced at $9.9.

Lets see Border with this partnership and after launching its own reader will be able to compete with likes of Amazon,Barnes n Noble, Sony etc.

Complete Story on NY Times

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Scribd enters into e-book retailing market

Scribd all of a sudden seems to be getting some traction from publishers:

“Today, John Wiley and Sons, Barnes and Noble imprint Sterling Publishing, Chronicle Books, and the University of Chicago Press announced they will join a total of 150 publishers to offer ebooks in the Scribd Store.”

“Other publishers already on board include Simon & Schuster and O’Reilly Media. The ebooks are downloadable as a PDF, and excerpts can be shared through the Scribd reader.”

Full report on Techcrunch

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Nook Released !!!

Barnes and Nobles Starts selling Nook. We will continue to track the sales of this e book reader in coming times:

Complete News

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