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To Buy or Not To Buy The Barnes & Noble Nook

Came across an interesting article on Washington Post where the editor-Rob Pegoraro shares his experience of the Barnes & Nobles Nook (that he did not buy but borrowed from one of his co-workers). This is the feedback that he has to give about Nook although some of it might not fit the comments from his recent interview of Barnes & Nobles digital-devices vice president Doug Gottlieb::

Although B&N says the device runs only on AT&T’s 3G service, it works on that carrier’s far more extensive 2G “EDGE” data network, too.

* While just the Nook and B&N’s Windows reader program can send loan requests now, the company plans to add that capability to the Mac, iPhone/iPod touch and BlackBerry versions of that application by March. (The BlackBerry reader software can’t receive loans either, but Gottlieb said that should be fixed next week.)

* While the Nook uses only the ePub format, downloads to B&N’s other reader programs come in the older PDB format (those of you with Palm handheld organizers may remember that file-name extension; yes, this is the same thing). Gottlieb said that the 2.0 releases of its reader software due late this winter will also accept ePub files; at that point, re-downloading a book will get you an ePub file instead of a PDB document.

* I copied a couple of PDF files to the Nook, and they looked pretty much as they did on a computer — just without color of any sort. Larger PDFs may take a while to display, though. I also copied over some MP3s; the Nook’s music player includes a shuffle function and runs in the background, allowing your reading to have the soundtrack of your choice.

* The Nook runs Google’s Android operating system, but I didn’t even mention that in the review because I never saw any sign of the underlying, Linux-based software. Naturally, that hasn’t stopped some enterprising souls from hacking into a Nook to make it to do other things.

I am sure while reading this you must wondering whether to buy or not to buy the Nook? Well! whatever you decide please do feel free to leave your comments here



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Too Many eBook Readers Might Lead to Too Much Confusion

2010 is going to be flooded with too many ebook devices. Almost every electronics company, book retailer and publishers might launch their own devices. But would so many options leave all consumers happy and satisfied? Analysts predict there would be two kinds of happy e-book reader owners – consumers who paid a hefty amount for a branded ebook from one of the major online retailers (I obviously mean Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook etc) and consumers who spend only about $50-$70 on unbranded ebook readers that support a lot of formats and where consumers will have the potential of downloading pirated copies of ebooks. People who are left are the ones who land up buying the two-tier ebook readers and the makers of them-These people might just be the unsatisfied ones.

e ink based readers by most of the tech companies brings a new dimension to the entire ebook marketplace. I think it would not only increase confusion but also encourage privacy and bring down any company who gets in and can’t hack it against Nook or Kindle.

The competition over device design, platforms, formats, DRM will bring more and more confusion into consumers’ minds and it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between a good device from bad,  a good (worthy) price from bad. In fact some might just emphasize cheap price over quality, interface and service.

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