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Why Should I Buy An Apple iPad

I am sure many others are debating whether or not to buy an Apple Ipad (Apple is already taking pre-orders for April delivery). There are many features that we would have loved to have in the Apple Ipad but i still think there are several which can make this a good buy.

1. Pretty Robust ebook platform:

Ipad probably is the best and most robust option that you have for an ebook reader (others – Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony ebook reader etc). There can be three sources from which you can buy and read ebooks

a. Directly from IBook Store using IBook App : I am sure Apple biz dev folks are talking to all the top pubishers to include them in the book store

b. Using Other Apps (KIndle, Nook etc) : If a book is not available on Ibook you can download a Kindle or Nook App to buy the books

c. Access Books from cloud (Google Editions): There is a very high probability that many international books are not available through IBook, Kindle or Nook. Google has done a great job of working with thousands of publishers/libraries across the globe to make these books accessible to users (through Google Book Search program). I am sure Google will be talking to these publishers to include these books in Google Editions (Google’s cloud based ebook platform)

d. Read freely available ebooks (epub format): Apple Ibook app will allow you to upload any epub fomat ebook that you might have (many free ebook services like project Gutenberg provide book in epub format)

I dont belive any other Ebook device can provide you with such a robust solution. However, It will be intersting to check out other factors:

i. Size/Weight of the device: The device definitely is bigger than Kindle. Which might be good for a better Newpaper/magazine reading experience.

ii. Battery backup : The color screen will definitely use more battery as compared to Kindle so more frequent charging of your Ipad

iii. Reading experience: Apple Ipad will not use e-Ink format that Nook and Kindle use. E-Ink based devices are supposed to provide readers a better and more comfortable reading experience. Reading in sunlight might be problematic too.

It seems Apple will not support Flash. There are many rich media sites (Hulu etc.) that use flash. However, I believe that these companies anyway will have Iphone App.

2. Form factor:

Apple Ipad has a huge form factor advantage. This huge screen would be great for viewing TV episodes and movies on the device.  There are already various apps available on iphone App store to view your favorite TV shows on the move.

3. Access to thousands of Apps through Itunes:

Since the device can connect to internet and will have itune store available on the device there will not be any hassle of synching the device to your PC/Laptop. And you all of a sudden have access to thousands of Apps available through App store.


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What Do You Think About The Apple iPad

Apple released the much awaited iPad earlier this week. But did it meet people’s expectations? well! as far as I am concerned these are my thoughts on the iPad:

First of all, it’s hard for me to understand whether there is at all a need for this device. I mean it is not clear what the core purpose or usability of the iPad is. it is no doubt not a full fledged replacement of a laptop – we would always need most of the MS office suite (Word. PowerPoint, Excel) to work with (working on these through apps is of course possible but might not be the most convenient experience). Moreover it cannot even replace an iPod or an iPhone and I don’t think someone who already owns a Mac, iPhone and an iPod is going to shell out another $500-$800 for a forth device with same functionalities  as that of the existing devices.

Secondly, this is yet another attempt by Steve Jobs to roll back the trend towards more open source platforms.  I  mean Jobs seems to be clearly moving closer to his vision of a series of proprietary stores —music, movies, books, and so forth — all controlled by Apple.

I think the primary use of the iPad is as an eBook Reader. Apple might have just wanted to get into the eBook Reader device market and pose serious competition to Amazon’s Kindle but just to be little different is offering some more functionalities than just what a simple eReader would offer. But I guess even as an eReader the iPad falls short.  iPad is using the ePub format as compared to the e-ink format that is being used in Kindle and we all know what the two primary advantages of e-ink are – longer battery life and superior readability due the the bright backround light. If eBook is the only functioanlity that iPad is intending to offer (I mean in addition to the functionalities of the existing iPhone, iPod) then why not buy a Kindle at less than half the price($259) of an iPad.

Soething to think about….

There are some more reasons why the iPad failed to meet users’ expectations:“As per Hitler”

  • “The iPad won’t support multitasking”
  • “They didn’t give it a camera, fine. But it’s on AT&T!  How am I supposed to use their crappy network?”
  • “eBooks?  If I wanted eBooks, I’d buy a Kindle.”
  • “It could have single-handedly destroyed netbooks.  But what do we get instead? An oversized iPod Touch!”
  • “It can’t even make phone calls!”
  • “I wanted to watch videos of lolcats while laying on the couch. But no, they won’t even give it flash support.”

All of these sound even more genuine when we hear the Hitler saying so….enjoy the video

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