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Digital books and devices: An opportunity or a Threat?

Interesting article on the shift of paradigm within the publishing industry. where ebooks are no longer perceived as a threat but an opportunity (or may be I should say less perceived as a threat).

Peason and Bloomsbury reported that their ebook revenue increased by 186% and by more than 18 fold. In fact Bloomsbury had undergone a recent re-org in response to the ebook growth.

I am wondering, if this is a clear indication of the publishing industry embracing the digital world in fear of extinction? (specially with Amazon’s self publishing services). In that case is it truly perceived less as a threat and more as an opportunity? Interesting article.



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BISG report on e-book industry!

Some quick findings from the report:

  • Roughly 1/5 of survey respondents said they’ve stopped purchasing print books within the past 12 months in favor of acquiring the e-book editions.
  • Most survey respondents said they prefer to share e-books across devices. Only 28% said they would “definitely” purchase an e-book with Digital Rights Management (DRM); men were more likely than women to say they would not buy an e-book with DRM.
  • Survey respondents indicated a clear preference for e-reader devices used as of November 2009, with computers coming in first (47%), followed by the Kindle (32%), and other e-reader devices at roughly 10% apiece.
  • Although certainly growing, 81% of survey respondents say they currently purchase an e-book only “rarely” or “occasionally.”

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How can eBooks Become More Social

Some of the next steps for the eBook industry is to get more social so that user interactions while reading an ebook (whether on an ereader device  or on any other device) grow and make the entire experience more valuable/productive.

The ability to annotate, highlight and  share your thoughts with other users have been somewhat limited with the eink devices. “With the latest versions of Stanza for the iPhone readers can highlight, annotate and share their via email, facebook or twitter, their thoughts about the book they are currently reading.

Barnes&Noble’s Nook has this great feature where users can lend the ebook they are/were reading (although once the ebook is lent for the timeframe it is with the other user the lender will not be able to read the book)

Recently announced eBook reading platforms: Blio and Copia are also doing interesting stuff around the ebook software/platform to make it more social/interactive and increase user engagement. “Blio aims to deliver interactivity by allowing readers to insert text, drawing, voice, image or video notes directly into your content. These can be saved, and can be exported to create lists or study materials”.

Copia on the other hand has built an entire platform around Goodreads-“social networking around eBooks” They aim to integrate the social networking sites within the device itself. With this sort of integration one can check which books their friends are buying, what do they think about the book, which book is a hit and which is not, recommendations(am assuming this would be pretty much like the Amazon recommendation model) etc. Moreover Copia claims that you can loop in your existing social networks…I think that will be simply awesome.

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eBook Publisher Platforms to revolutionize the eBook industry

Although every other book retailer and/or consumer electronics company are entering into the highly competitive and most talked about eBook industry with e-Reader devises such as Skiff, Nook, EnTourage’s eDGe the big question here is what will truly revolutionize the eBook industry. Is it the cool, super innovative devices or the eReader platforms that is going to decide the fate of the big players and innovation in the eBook industry?

Blio will be offering publishers the opportunity to create digital files at no cost that can pretty much preserve the format of previously tough-to-digitize tomes such as cookbooks.

FastPencil – a company that offers an easy do-it-yourself approach to book publishing is now offering publishers to self publish eBooks. “FastPencil claims this allows authors to have access to the broadest distribution possible as well as the promise that the digital files will be able to adapt to any eReader that is introduced in the future.” – BNET

So would it be right to think that while Amazon might land up with greater ebook sales than pbook sales (on Christmas Day)  and while publishers can feel good about spreading the wealth around to other readers these new platforms may hold the key to larger market share and review ultimately which would land up making a difference in their bottom line?

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Will ebook industry also go the same direction as Netflix is moving?

Just when Netflix was getting more and more innvotive with their offerings of Blue Ray, Instant streaming they entered into an agreement with Warner Bros. to hold off on the release of new Warner Brothers DVD and Blu-ray movies until after they’ve been on sale for 28 days. Similar agreements with other major studios are likely to follow. That just means saying goodbye to new release rentals on Netflix. But why so just when they had started getting more innovative with movie watching convenience. Simple answer to this is the growing concerns within the big hollywood studios over declining revenue from sale of DVDs and Blu-Rays (one of the revenue streams studios depend more on nowdays than box office).

But isn’t it the same story with the e-book vs pbook industry. The clash af the ebook and the publishers/authors over declining revenue/profit margins? Will ebook industry also land up with similar deals? May be or May be not…

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