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College Textbooks for Free – flatworldknowledge.com

http://www.flatworldknowledge.com offers a very unique business model under which a student can read a book for free online but would have to pay if they want to download or print a portion of the book. If successful this can help reduce the cost of education drastically.

Few of my concerns are:

1. Availability of books: I believe no major publisher is participating in this currently

2. The quality and user experience of reading online is not great and it seems like the website is forcing you to print or download the books.

The only factor that can make this model succesful is if the teachers start recommending these books and if both students and teacher give feed back to improve the quality of the content.

Check out yourself and let us know what you feel.


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More Restriction leads to higher Piracy!!

One thing that publishers have to start understand is that the tighter control they try to put on the ebook industry by

1. Controlling the release of the books as ebooks

2. Controllling the price of ebooks

3. Controlling the ebooks access through DRM

would give users enough motive for pirating these contents. Several experiments in the music and Movie has clearly shown that together control on the distribution of these media content lead to an increased activity on P2P sites. Read this paper on SSRN

Publishers should work with Authors and Retailers to come up with a economical model that would duly compensate everyone without restricting the end users much.

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