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Business Model : Free ipad/kindle with x years of subscriptions

“Montreal, Canada-based newspaper La Presse unveiled a plan today to offer a free iPad to readers of the paper who sign up for subscription terms of at least three years, according to Projetj.ca

This seems like an amazing business model. I wont be surprised if Apple/Amzaon/Barnes & Noble do the same. Lets wait and watch

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College Textbooks for Free – flatworldknowledge.com

http://www.flatworldknowledge.com offers a very unique business model under which a student can read a book for free online but would have to pay if they want to download or print a portion of the book. If successful this can help reduce the cost of education drastically.

Few of my concerns are:

1. Availability of books: I believe no major publisher is participating in this currently

2. The quality and user experience of reading online is not great and it seems like the website is forcing you to print or download the books.

The only factor that can make this model succesful is if the teachers start recommending these books and if both students and teacher give feed back to improve the quality of the content.

Check out yourself and let us know what you feel.

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Penguin gets innovative with ipad

Really interesting video on how penguin  is planning to use ipad for its new format/interactive books:

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Too Many eBook Readers Might Lead to Too Much Confusion

2010 is going to be flooded with too many ebook devices. Almost every electronics company, book retailer and publishers might launch their own devices. But would so many options leave all consumers happy and satisfied? Analysts predict there would be two kinds of happy e-book reader owners – consumers who paid a hefty amount for a branded ebook from one of the major online retailers (I obviously mean Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook etc) and consumers who spend only about $50-$70 on unbranded ebook readers that support a lot of formats and where consumers will have the potential of downloading pirated copies of ebooks. People who are left are the ones who land up buying the two-tier ebook readers and the makers of them-These people might just be the unsatisfied ones.

e ink based readers by most of the tech companies brings a new dimension to the entire ebook marketplace. I think it would not only increase confusion but also encourage privacy and bring down any company who gets in and can’t hack it against Nook or Kindle.

The competition over device design, platforms, formats, DRM will bring more and more confusion into consumers’ minds and it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between a good device from bad,  a good (worthy) price from bad. In fact some might just emphasize cheap price over quality, interface and service.

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