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Top 10 Trends for eBooks in 2010

2009 had a lot to offer to the book publishing industry: It was a year in which many of the top bestsellers were the biggest money losers for their publishers whereas some of the most rumored advances(Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue)  were the most profitable . But one area that has slowly started changing dynamics of the publishing industry is the e-book industry. It was a year which saw an exponential increase in e-book sales and of course the cherry on the pie was Amazon’s announcement of more e-book sales on Christmas Day than p-book sale.

It seems 2010 will see dramatic advances in the e-book industry with analysts predicting that in the next five years half of  reading will be done electronically.

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Future of ebook/ereader market 2010

E Ink will lose its claim to near-100% market share for e-reader displays

Dual-screen mobile phones and netbooks will eat into e-reader demand.

Apps will make non-reading devices more e-book-friendly.

eReaders will get apps, too

Amazon will launch a suite of new touchscreen e-readers.

B&N will steal market share from Amazon and Sony

E-book content sales will top $500 million in the U.S.

E-textbooks will become more accessible, but sales will be modest

Magazine and newspaper publishers will launch their own apps and devices

China, India, Brazil, and the EU will propel global growth, but the U.S. will still be the biggest market.

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