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HTC To Introduce Their Own eReader

As per sources smartphone maker HTC is soon going to introduce their own e-book reader as part of a new Sense update.  This new program will be named as Reader and is said to be an application for showing e-book content. In addition, there will be an integrated bookshelf for content collections and screenshots will also be available which will show content from Borders and Adobe.


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another one enters the ebook reader market – many more to come

2010 is truly going to be the year of ebooks and ebook devices. The expected number of devices sold in 2010 is around 10 million. That is a huge number and it will surely keep rising (till everyone on the earth has an ebook :)).

I am assuming that in next 12 months all the existing OEMs would come up with atleast one ebook devices (dont be surprised if few come out with more than one)

Samsung in a news conference today revealed that it is working on a device and it will be launched soon.

some details about the device from Liliputting

“The Samsung E6 and E101 will be 6 and 10 inch eBook readers, respectively. They’ll both have ePaper displays and Samsung is partnering with Google to provide access to the million or so digital books available through Google Books.

Here are a few things that set the Samsung E6 and Samsung E101 apart from at least some of their competitors:

  • Handwriting recognition capabilities when using a stylus
  • Bluetooth and 802.11b/g WiFi support
  • A slide-out base with navigation controllers”
  • Waiting for similar announcements from other like HTC,LG,Sony and many many more

    It will be interesting to see what format these devices support. I believe 2010 will be remembered as the year that shaped the future of ebooks worlwide

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