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O’Reilly sailing along the ebook wave: sells 100K iphone apps

From the Tools of Change for Publishing blog:

As of today, we’ve now sold more than 100,000 ebook iPhone apps via the App Store. The geographic breakdown has remained remarkably consistent, with 54% of sales coming from outside the US. The top selling app remains “iPhone: The Missing Manual” from David Pogue. Several price points are represented among the bestsellers, and it’s worth noting 3 of the top 12 … are priced at $5.99, 20% higher than most of the apps. It’s also great to see apps from one of our client publishers, TidBITS, performing so well.


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Scribd enters into e-book retailing market

Scribd all of a sudden seems to be getting some traction from publishers:

“Today, John Wiley and Sons, Barnes and Noble imprint Sterling Publishing, Chronicle Books, and the University of Chicago Press announced they will join a total of 150 publishers to offer ebooks in the Scribd Store.”

“Other publishers already on board include Simon & Schuster and O’Reilly Media. The ebooks are downloadable as a PDF, and excerpts can be shared through the Scribd reader.”

Full report on Techcrunch

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