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Scribd declares war on Amazon

Scribd – the youtube of document recently did a deal with Wiley to start selling few of their ebooks (dummies etc) through their site. However, today they decided to take Amazon head on. The CEO of the company said that they will start selling the ebooks to Kindle users (Amazon till now has been sole seller of ebooks to Kindle users). Will be interesting to see the losgistics of this. Let wait and watch.


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Scribd enters into e-book retailing market

Scribd all of a sudden seems to be getting some traction from publishers:

“Today, John Wiley and Sons, Barnes and Noble imprint Sterling Publishing, Chronicle Books, and the University of Chicago Press announced they will join a total of 150 publishers to offer ebooks in the Scribd Store.”

“Other publishers already on board include Simon & Schuster and O’Reilly Media. The ebooks are downloadable as a PDF, and excerpts can be shared through the Scribd reader.”

Full report on Techcrunch

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List of online E-book retailers





China: http://du8.com/    http://Zhongsou.com


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