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Barnes & Noble Bookstore Built Into The Apple Tablet

The much awaited and the much talked about Apple Tablet will be launched on Wednesday, but out of all the varied rumors about the eReader one rumor pretty much confirmed to be a fact is that the Apple Tablet will be a full colored eReader (Now that might be a big worry for Amazon’s Kindle).

Newspaper and magazine publishers have been trying hard to get on to the device but something to think about here is that whether Apple will be adding these newspaper/magazines to their existing iTunes or will they be building a dedicated ebook store (like the iTunes store)

We believe there is a good chance there will be a Barnes & Noble bookstore built into the Apple Tablet, either as one of the showcase apps which launches with the device, powering a new book section in iTunes, or integrated directly into the Tablet’s e-reader. The two companies are thought to be working closely together, increasing the likelihood that Barnes & Noble will be part of the announcement on Wednesday. While Apple can run around cutting deals with the larger publishers, a built-in Barnes & Noble bookstore could include up to a million titles in one fell swoop, just like on B&N’s own Nook reader

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Amazon’s Next Step for Kindle: Kindle Apps

Just yesterday I posted about Amazon’s announcement of their new royalty program for Kindle eBook sales where authors and publishers will be able to make a larger share(70%) of the Kindle eBook sales revenue and see what we have today? Amazon is soon to open the “Kindle” doors for App developers. You heard me right…now there is a Kindle Development Kit and there will soon be Kindle Apps.

So guess what the Kindle world is going to look like. Users can not only read their favorite books, but also play Sudoku, Space Invaders… (and who knows what more?)

So now you know how right I am when I say “Amazon has been thinking hard/creatively to stay ahead of the “eBook market competition”. Read my previous posts to get a full understanding of the 2010 eBook Market and the competition

So which Kindle App are you waiting for? Read Full Story from Techcrunch here

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What do people have to say about Hearst’s Skiff ereader

The Skiff device is almost as big as Kindle DX may be a bit thinner. The look and feel is quite good and it uses Sprint’s 3G network.

But will you add Skiff to your list of cool gadget purchses of this year.Techcrunch thinks not. here’s why

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